Author: Ron Ridenour
Publisher: Resistance Books (England)
ISBN: 978-0902869950
Publication Date: 2007
Trade Paperback
124 pages

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Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads (Expanded Edition
by Ron Ridenour

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Ron Ridenour, the celebrated writer on Cuban and Central American politics, presents a new expanded edition of his book, Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads, updated to cover Fidel Castro's withdrawal from power during his long illness in 2007.

A committed revolutionary, anti-war activist, and supporter of the Cuban revolution, Ridenour gathers report and accounts of his extended journey in Cuba in 2006, together with up-to-date analysis of Cuba today. 

"Regardless of whether of not Cuba has achieved socialism - it is a long process, after all - the Cuban people and its government are more than worthy of our love and support. They have done no harm to the world and they have helped many millions of people in many lands. They have held out against 'the enemy of humanity' to quote from the Sandinista anthem. In so doing, they have held out hope for billions of us."

"The main hindrance to worker control, to real socialism, is the world domination by capitalism and imperialism. The fact that the United States lays but 150 kilometers away is the greatest hindrance. I believe, however, that if the Cuban leadership had had more trust in the working class back in the mid-60s, once US military attacks were turned back and the internal counter-revolution defeated, it would have gradually turned over to the workers significant say in productive relations and in making local and national policies."

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